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An avid, confident hunter, the Treeing Walker Coonhound lives up to his name as he was originally bred to track and tree raccoons. This powerful, athletic breed has a sharp nose, great speed and excellent stamina. Affectionate and loving, he also makes a good family companion. The Treeing Walker Coonhound should be vigorously exercised daily, and his smooth, glossy coat requires minimal grooming. 

Breed Standards 

The Treeing Walker breed was founded and has become dominant because of its ability to run and tree game, therefore, this recognizes the need for variety and individuality within the breed as terrain and/or purpose shall demand.

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Hall Of Fame

The TWB&FA Hall Of Fame highlights Hounds from the past who have represented the breed in an outstanding way.

Sectional Program


Walker Sectionals, Walker Days, the Lee Crawford Nite Hunt & Bench Show, the Grand American, the Winter Classic, Southeastern Treeing Walker Days, Autumn Oaks and the the UKC World Hunt & Show.